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Military and Company Specifications

Cage Code 4TQ92

This is a partial list of specifications that we coat to. We update and add to this list regularly.

Military Specifications
Drawing 803-4384678
Drawing 803-5959311

  • Type II
  • Type III

MIL-C-81751 Type I, Class 4
MIL-P-24074 Type II
MIL-PRF-46010 (Formerly MIL-L-46010D)
MIL-PRF-46147 (Formerly MIL-L-46147B)

  • Type I, Form I
  • Type I. Form II
  • Type II, Form I

MIL-PRF-81329 (Formerly MIL-L-81329C)

MIS 19350
MIS 29307


Supplier Audits: Approved for

  • NAV06
  • NAV15
  • NAV27

SAE Specifications
AS5272 Type I (Formerly MIL-L-46010D Type I)
AS5272 Type II (Formerly MIL-L-46010D Type II)

Company Specifications
Boeing BAC 5824 (Black)
DuPont SP11C
DuPont SZ 4 C
DuPont SZ 7 C
FMC Std No. P00600003
FMC Std No. C81000
GD 10108
General Dynamics SSP 11.2
General Dynamics SSP 11.3
General Dynamics 760-00946
General Dynamics 760-73863
Sikorsky Aircraft SS 8550
Sikorsky Aircraft STM 290
Union Carbide GS-20
Westinghouse PT-9302-52

If you don't see the specification you are looking for, please contact us with your requirements.

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