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Plas-Tech Coatings is Recognized as a Whitford Recommended Coater

Mid-Atlantic industrial coating company earns recognition as Whitford Recommended Coater

West Chester, PA - Plas-Tech Coatings, an industrial coating applicator for various industries, has recently been named a Whitford Recommended Coater.

Plas-Tech Coatings is awarded Whitford Recommended Coater status

Precise techniques, rigid quality control, superior coating knowledge, dependable delivery, and an ultimate respect for the art and science of coating application are the hallmarks upon which Plas-Tech Coatings was founded.

They are also the most important qualities of any Whitford Recommended Coater.

Whitford Corporation produces one of the world's most complete lines of fluoropolymer coatings, and requires coaters to meet certain criteria before becoming eligible for the Whitford Recommended Coater (WRC) designation. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Knowledge of Whitford coatings products
  • Experience working with & applying Whitford coatings
  • Commitment to a solid quality assurance program
  • Attendance at one of Whitford's bi-annual training sessions

Tom Sloan, founder of Plas-Tech Coatings, remarks, "We have been applying Whitford coatings since [Plas-Tech] began and appreciate this recognition. We look forward to working with Whitford in the future."

About Whitford Corp.

Whitford offers industrial coatings for a wide variety of applications across a number of industries. Coating product lines include: Xylan®, Resilon®, Dykor®, Xylar®, and Excalibur®. More information about Whitford coating products can be found at

About Plas-Tech Coatings

whitford recommended coater

Founded in West Chester, PA in 1978, Plas-Tech Coatings specializes in applying high performance coatings for aerospace, packaging, food service, electronics, and other industries where durable, high-quality coating applications are necessary. In addition to Whitford brand coatings, Plas-Tech is a recognized leader in the application of DuPont Teflon® as well as Halar® Coating products. Plas-Tech Coatings is one of only two DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicators in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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